What A Minister Does: Special Vacation Edition

I spent the day at the office.  I just gave in and went to the church because so many of the resources I needed were there.  Today, I dealt with:

  • A recommendation from the ad hoc Personnel committee for hiring a new bookkeeper and responses to the recommendation.
  • Correspondence from a group that wanted my opinion on a program proposal for General Assembly. Replying has meant many careful emails to many different people.
  • Rounding out the worship plan and calendar for next year.
  • Making connections and scheduling a meeting to begin planning for the church’s volunteer involvement at GA 09 in Salt Lake City. (Y’all come!!!)
  • Several requests for input about various UU initiatives.
  • Input on a possible database software upgrade for the church office.
  • Writing of my August newsletter column. (Due yesterday. Late again.)

I think that’s all, though I’m not sure it is.  So that’s what I did on my summer vacation. But only today.

P.S. I did all this while listening to podcasts of other UU ministers’ sermons and looking for good UU music to share with my musicians. Also, I’ve been reading Welcoming Resistance,  Moment of Truth, and Coaching Change, all books about Church leadership and/or Unitarian Universalism.