Preparing my heart

I’m sitting in the nearly empty living room of my new apartment. I came to putter here while the inspector is at the house we are selling. Please, please let that go well!

I’m listening to music from long ago in my life. Random setting on iTunes. I was just thinking about how I feel like I’m in a space that is neither/nor. I am not yet back at work, but will be going to tonight’s board meeting. I am not yet moved into this new place though I am here working on it. My mind is on this weekend’s retreat but I have many things to attend to before I actually get there.

The music is reminding me of who I used to be, but I don’t quite know who I am becoming with all these changes in my life. I’m kind of sad right now, but kind of excited to see what is ahead.

I have a feeling the retreat is going to be powerful. I’ve been reading accounts of the first two and I feel that a kind of yearning and fear mixed together. I’ve learned that feeling usually means things are stirring.

Ha! The next song just came on. “Prepare Ye” from Godspell. I didn’t even know that was in my library!