A Patriot's Prayer

Though this is a political commercial, made by supporters of Barack Obama, it is also an interesting study in the religious longing of the political left. The hope that Senator Obama could fulfill Dr. King’s legacy and maintain his integrity. “If you get to the top of the mountain, remember me.” The visuals do a great job of making clear the desire for unity from the people who love Barry Manilow to those who love will.i.am.

There are so many powerful and wonderful images: the invocation of the person as “the church you can’t see; the truth that “What you see depends on where you stand;” the statement of”Let’s not kick out the darkness. Make the light brighter;” The acknowledgment that, “These are the hands. What are we going to build with them?” It is a good reminder that wanting the United States to be kinder, more compassionate, and concerned with justice and equity is truly an American prayer. A patriot’s prayer.


7 thoughts on “A Patriot's Prayer

  1. BHO was totally silent about Chicago Police Brutality (google Job Burge Chicago).

    I can’t imagine MLK having anything to do with the guy frankly.

  2. regardless of what one may politically think about Obama, above comments noted, it is truly a wonderfully crafted prayer. It does indeed suggest that there is a religious longing and a spiritual hunger in the “church that you can’t see.” As Unitarian Universalists we need to be communicating loudly that the values they are espousing and longing for fulfillment of in this prayer are the values that we too espouse and long for fulfillment. The values expressed in this video do not necessarily have to be tied to a specific candidate.

  3. Thanks, Fred, that was my point exactly. I experienced it as a kind of sermon in itself–one that would be right at home in the pulpit of my congregation. And one that eloquently expresses that the longings of the “left” are not just political, but spiritual.

    As to the previous comments:

    Jacqueline–I’m not sure. Biden has done some great things, like his advocacy for laws against domestic violence that are truly enforcable and enforced. He has also put his foot in his mouth now and then. And his support of the recent bankruptcy reform is discouraging. I understand why he was chosen, and think he may be one of a very few “insiders” that can be seen also as a possible change agent.

    Bill–Your constant harangue on this topic is tiresome. You’ve expressed your opinion. We’ve heard it. Again and again and again. Clearly you think the argument is sufficiently compelling that we should all flee Senator Obama’s camp. Perhaps you could offer those of us who disagree some respect?

  4. How have I disrespected you? And afterall, how many other people on the UU aggregator speak against Obama?

    I don’t post anything political on my blog that’s picked up on the UU list. I hardly harangue. I just respond to some here who talk politics …especially Obama who few here know very well.

    Chicago’s had some brutal experience with Police brutality. Obama notable for saying nothing on it.

  5. I suppose I find your comments disrespectful because I see you post the same comment on every post that mentions Obama, never bothering to engage the actual topic or the post in any substantive way. Your reply is not real conversation or even a comment on what I wrote, just the blowing the same horn over an over trying to drown out the conversation.

    This wasn’t a post about Obama, it just happened to mention him while I mused on the quasi-religious language and sense of longing that appear in the video. So it feels like you just walked in to shout your same tired argument, even though it was totally irrelevant. And in my opinion, that disrespects the conversation and, by proxy, disrespects me as the writer of the post.

  6. I comment on Obama on Obama posts.

    Rev Sharpton came to Chicago recently to advocate on Police Brutality because the Chicago Democratic Establishement does little. It’s complicit. (Check Skeptical Brotha’s Barack’s Betrayal for a good history).

    Sharpton’s been greated by the Democratic Establishement, including Obama, in much the same way as the greated MLK when he came to Chicago… it’s our town, go away… you’re a trouble maker.

    Believe me Obama is no MLK. He’s never been a guy to rock anyone’s boat. He’s pure machine.

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