Fer me Matey, Spidey

from my very favoritest cartoon of all times, Savage Chickens by Doug Savage.


7 thoughts on “Fer me Matey, Spidey

  1. Obviously they all arise from the proto-piratical growl “Grrrr”! The fact that proto-pirate is written without vowels has no particular bearing here since there’s no debate over the vowel in question.


  2. Actually, this is a mid-19th century reconstruction of
    proto-Greek pirate speech. The pirates speech different dialects. The /a/ was used for a generalized vowel before the existence of
    /e o/ was demonstrated by Oertel and others on the basis of the palatalization of the preceding consonants (e.g. in Sanskrit). But here the development is as in Greek, so that we assume that
    the original form was something like *yere, an imperative second person singular. The /y/ in one case is just retained (like Slavic yeb-, best known in the imprecation “yeb’ tvoyu mat'”), while in the other cases the development is Greek. The truncation of the thematic vowel, as in Latin confer from conferre, is not obvious. Perhaps they mumbled.

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