Strange Solstice Story

I took my little dog out for a walk very early this morning because I wanted to make sure he got a long walk before the impending winter storm.  As often happens before a storm, the night had been warm and lots of snow had melted over night.  That made my sweet puppy very happy because the world was full of interesting smells.  He was sniffing and sniffing and sniffing everything!

Then he got very excited, even obsessed, with a particular patch of snow and began digging.  This is a dog that HATES snow and usually stays primly on the sidewalk.  He’s a nine-pound Cairn terrier and in many places the snow is deeper than he is tall!  But this morning he jumped into this little drift of snow and just kept digging and digging.  And then he came up with the strangest thing in his mouth…

a pomegranate!

I kid you not!  Perhaps Persephone was nearby?  Or Hades was trying to ensnare another beautiful goddess?  Or just reminding me that winter will not go on forever but has its place in the rhythm of things?

Interpretations encouraged in the comments…


3 thoughts on “Strange Solstice Story

  1. I like the “winter won’t last forever” interpretation. Or something like “treasures are found in unexpected places….you just have to dig (or follow your intuition).”

    Dogs are so smart.

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