An Appropriate Allegory

This is the story I needed today. It’s part of a series by Real Live Preacher about the history of the church he serves, Covenant Baptist:

If you go down the road on the right side of our property, past the building and past the storage shed we had to buy because someone kept stealing our lawnmower, all the way to the back and beyond the labyrinth, then just beyond the cactus patch where JoAnn Chappell saw the big snake that one year, you’ll see a patch of healthy and thriving cactus. It is all that remains of something we used to call “Main’s Folly.”

While we were clearing the land for the building back in 1999, we made quite a few piles of brush and wood at the back of the property. Someone had to burn those piles, and that job fell to Michael Main and me. Michael is a news editor at a local radio station. At the time he worked from 2 am until about 10 am. And I was free during the day as well. Our idea was to meet up at the land one day during the week and burn the brush, clearing room for the debris that would accumulate the next Saturday.

I remember how worried we were the first time we tried to set one of those brush piles on fire. We nervously stood before a ten-foot high, fifteen-foot wide mound with a can of lighter fluid and a couple of matches…

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  1. Damn. I needed that too. But your link to it didn’t work. I had to get to the end of the story from Real Live Preacher’s site, which is always a pleasure to visit anyway.


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