Walking the Talk

Wow. What an example. Rolling Hills Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Georgia is selling their almost paid off $1.4 million property in order to “striv[e] to be a church that answers Jesus’ call for workers to the harvest. As such, we are more interested in becoming a church of flesh and blood than one of brick and mortar…more interested in people than a steeple.” I so respect their decision to live their faith.

On October 5, 2008, the members of Rolling Hills voted overwhelmingly in favor of joining GOD in His redemptive work by selling her buildings and property, and using the proceeds to increase ministry and mission efforts in our community and beyond.

Sounds radical, but we’ve come to the conclusion that we want to invest more deeply in people rather than property. We’ve grown tired of investing more and more of our budget on mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc… at the expense of ministry and mission.