Reminder of Comment Guidelines

(Had to delete the first comment in some time, as it was a personal attack on another’s character. If the person who posted that comment continues to comment inappropriately, his comments will be banned.)

Of course, as with any form of conversation, we need to respect each other. The conversation we have here will affect our relationship to each other. Because of that, I ask that you abide by the following commenting guidelines:

1. Take your time. Be thoughtful and creative in your response. It’s easy to fire off a quick reply that doesn’t really say what you meant to say. Pause before you post and make sure you are representing yourself and your views well.

2. Opinions are good, but they are only opinions. Remember to respect differences of opinions by stating your own views rather than tearing down the views of another. Most people listen longer to someone who is thinking through their own views than to someone who is attacking another.

3. Short and sweet comments are often the most effective. Consider limiting the number and length of your comments. If you have a long response, consider building your own blog and posting there. You can link your post back to the conversation here. (This is called a “trackback.”)

4. Remember that this blog is a part of our covenanted community and we are committed to living by the Principles and Purposes of Unitarian Universalism. Please remember this commitment when you post. Blatantly inappropriate comments will be deleted.


2 thoughts on “Reminder of Comment Guidelines

  1. For the record the above “rant” really does say what I meant to say Sean. Sorry to be so blunt and to the point but to use one of Rev. Ray Drennan’s favorite phrases much more appropriately than he ever did,

    “I am just being honest.”

  2. There is a difference, Robin, between making arguments of substance and attacking a person’s character and ministry. You seem to be unable to see the difference.

    Like the colleagues you attacked in the rant I deleted, I have no interest in letting you use my blog as a forum for your ongoing vendetta. I’ve said it before to you Robin, and I’ll say it again–just as honestly and directly as I can: You seem stuck. Why not forgive and move on?

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