What's on Your Mind?

Whenever I go to Facebook, I confront the question, “What’s on your mind?” Sometimes I have a pithy reply–a four-word poem or something that quickly comes to the front of my consciousness and is available and willing to be typed into the “status update.” Facebook is good for that.

But sometimes that which is on my mind is messy and tentative and confused and hard to articulate. Today is like that. I almost posted, “Woke to laughter–mistook my partner’s hand for the dog and petted it lovingly.” That was me today, coming to consciousness: a bit confused, but loving. And greeting the day laughing at a sweet absurdity.

There is a lot on my mind today.  That’s what blogs are good for. It’s the first of the month so remembering to pay the rent and bills and be responsible is one of the things flitting through. Balance and limits and priorities and generosity and thrift are all on my mind.

Wanting to share the beauty and insights of a weekend spent playing with new Interplay buddies is on my mind. But how do I do that? (Re)discovering my joy in moving, playing, connecting, and telling stories with my body is so different from these little squiggly black letters organizing themselves into words and sentences…or is it?

Thinking about going on adventures into the City with my sweetie is on my mind. We keep wanting it, but not doing it. The inertia that happens when desire cannot quite overcome anxiety.

A deep desire for my life to take a particular direction is on my mind, as is a deep, caring voice that keeps saying, “Don’t get attached to outcomes. Let things unfold. Trust.” Oh, and the one that says, “There’s no freakin’ way you’ll get what you want, dummy, so give up now.” I’m trying to dance in and with that tension. Hope/don’t hope. Know/Unknown. Make it happen/Let it happen.

What about you? What’s on your mind?