Speaking on Behalf of Love

What I said at the rally in support of the Freedom to Marry at the County building in Redwood City this morning:

I am the Rev. Sean Parker Dennison and I am here, as a Unitarian Universalist minister, because I believe that every major religion has compassion and love at its center. The message of love may get lost or warped, or coopted by power, but at its heart, staying true to our religious values means standing on the side of Love—not only romantic love, but love that demands fairness, equity, compassion, and justice for all.

Too much of our public discourse is driven not by love, but by fear, which scapegoats particular people and deems them somehow less than human, worthy of fewer rights and responsibilities, and somehow not really worthy of equality under the law. These fears hurt us all—they keep us from living up to the high ideals of our nation that ultimately make each of us and all of us better human beings, capable of building better societies and a better world.

In the spirit of Love, will you join me in a moment of meditation, prayer, or intention as we begin?

Spirit of Life and Justice,
We have come together today in service to Love. We are here to bear witness to the right of all people to Love, to enter into covenanted relationship, and to enjoy the rights and bear the responsibilities of those commitments.

We are here because we cannot stay silent in the face of inequality and injustice. We have learned from the past that separate is not equal, and that denying the rights of the few does harm to the many. We are here for ourselves and for each other, knowing that if there is more Love and more Justice in the world, we will all benefit.

We are here to bear witness to the beauty of love and the pain that happens when Love’s legitimacy is denied. We are here to call for equality and to celebrate Love that demands justice. We are here to say yes to Love and no to fear.

We are here to be clear that laws that separate and discriminate are not good enough for our state or our nation. We are here to insist that we live up to the principles of equality and justice for all upon which our nation was founded. We are here in service to Love.

May Love prevail here, now, among us, and as we go forward as a people, insisting that our community truly protect justice and equality for all people. May we, through our action here today, help fear give way to fairness, injustice give way to justice, and hatred give way to Love. May it be so. May we be the ones that make it so.

Amen. Ashé. And Blessed Be.


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