Lenten Writing Challenge #6: Recipe for a Perfect Day

I didn’t write yesterday. With two services (still getting used to that) and an evening meeting, it was a conscious choice to let it go.

Today’s topic: What ingredients go into your perfect day?  How will you measure the components?  Assemble the presentation?  Check for doneness?  Write a recipe poem today.  Use words that aren’t found in a cookbook or use cookbook words in a mixed-up way.

I’m starting by changing one thing: even in the realm of hyperbole, I prefer to avoid expectations of perfection. So this is a recipe not for a perfect day, but for a good day.

sleep with angels
guarding and no worries.
awaken without alarm,
perhaps from a pleasant dream.
blue sky visible through the skylight
the first one awake,
but only for a moment.
the dogs always sense consciousness
and come to greet another day
with kisses.

finally arise,
moving quietly,
leaving love undisturbed
in quiet slumber.
move deliberately,
find the rhythm of
this day.
walk the dogs–
wander them, really–
through sparkling drops
that fall from bushes
onto their backs,
tiny green filaments
growing between bricks,
the gray, blue, pink, gold
of this morning’s sky.

Slowly the soul
recalls and is recalled,
ready to ride
inside these bones
for another


One thought on “Lenten Writing Challenge #6: Recipe for a Perfect Day

  1. You have written a beautiful poem describing a way to have tender, thought-full start to the day. Thanks for reminding us of the sacredness of waking with an open heart. Good luck with your writing practice.

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