I am not sure if this blog is dead…

Somehow, I lost the inspiration to write here. I’m not sure why. Most of my online presence now is on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.  The thought of writing a post here feels like writing essays—-so many words–and that just seems dull. I’ve gotten used to the shorter formats and love the challenge of distilling my thoughts into 140 characters or an image. I save my long form thoughts for sermons in my beautiful congregation.

I also have a secret project. It’s secret because some might find it too edgy, even offensive. Mostly because it does not avoid “the F word.” In fact, it reclaims it with some joy and abandon. It is also an intentional effort to create a space that celebrates the intersections of art, spiritual community, and resistance.  And to bring the joy and pain and chaos and mess of those things together, hoping to find something beautiful and relevant there.

If you promise not to get angry about the language or the unapologetic interruption of oppression, or offended by  the celebration of all things embodied (including all kinds of bodies, tattoos, sex…) then come to The Cabaret.


3 thoughts on “I am not sure if this blog is dead…

  1. I always see when something new pops up in my feed from you. I definitely know the feeling about blogs being…just not what they once were. I’ll head over to the Cabaret to see what’s going on.

  2. I know the sentiment where writing a blog can seem like an assignment rather than a liberating flight of creation, but hey short and ultra short blogs probably get read more than novellas in any case. i liked this reflective piece in any case.

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