My Sermons

Go Tell It

La integridad del orgullo

The Integrity of Pride

Who is My Neighbor?

Being Together

It’s a Wonderful World

Coming Home

Forward With a Broken Heart (SKSM)

Letting Go

The Edges of God

Forward With a Broken Heart

What I Learned on my Summer Vacation

Beautiful Together

Like Beacon Lights

Tending the Web

Remembering Our Liberation

Fools to Remember

Simple Gifts

Love Grows by Giving

Wholeness from a Broken Cup

Hundred Dollar Stories

Even in the Wilderness

How We Are Called

Words to Refresh the Spirit

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

For the Earth, Forever Turning

Mother Nature, Mother Me

Infinite Mystery and the Journey to Know

Infinite Mercy: Universalism for Contemporary UUs

Can You Spare a Little Change?

Seek Not Afar for Beauty

Defending Holy Places

The Integrity of the In-Between